Production methods

LA RICCI LEATHERS has set as its main objective to provide discerning customers complete satisfaction with their orders. Following a detailed market research of the industry needs, a policy decision was taken to manufacture high quality leather products, which will undoubtedly satisfy the most demanding customers.

This has meant that no effort has been wasted in contracting the services of experienced and attentive personnel, and ensuring that every workstation is a quality control point.

In addition, sufficient time and proper equipment are provided for the completion of a superior product. It is our practice to finish our manufactured leather goods with high-grade linings, reinforcements, fittings and that, proper manufacturing techniques are followed.

hides & skins

We only use high-grade, local and imported hides and skins from those suppliers who have proven consistency in quality and are reliable in the delivery of their products.

rare earth magnetic fasteners

For fastening we use Rare Earth Magnets which are high-energy materials of smaller size and weight than magnetic clips but with greater resistance to demagnetization.

non-woven materials

Our internal reinforcements are made with non - woven materials, as these materials are unique in their high tensile properties, as well as in their resilience and resistance to bending.

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